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Water Tips from Rayne of the North Valley

Did you know that with the New Incentives, you can Install a new solar Hot Water heater for the Cost of Replacing your Old Hot Water Heater?

  • Credit - Arizona $1,000 *
  • Credit - Federal $2,000*
  • Rebates - APS / SRP Rebate up to $2,700*
  • Savings - Ends up costing most homeowners less than replacing their old water heater.
  • Elegant, inconspicuous skylight
  • HOA Approved
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty

Are you going on vacation or returning to your other home?
Prevent potential water damage while you are away with a Vacation (SAFETY) Valve. Have Rayne of the North Valley's Master Service Technicians install a valve that shuts off all of the water inside your home, but does NOT shut off irrigation or fire protection.

“One of our washing machine hoses burst from a pressure spike while we were in Minnesota; the damage was over $32,000.00.

When we returned, we had a Rayne Master Service Technician install a pressure regulator and whole house shut off valve. So now, we don’t worry about extreme pressure spikes. Before we leave for a trip, we use the valve to shut off the water in our home without disabling our fire sprinklers or irrigation system. The safety Valve gives us great peace of mind. I think every home should install one - hopefully before the flood. ” - Thomas McCoy of Anthem


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