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Hot Water Heaters

Is your home more than 5 years old?
If so, it’s time to replace your Hot Water Heater before it floods your garage at 3:00 a.m. and ruins anything on the floor.

We take care of ALL brands of water heaters IN & OUT of warranty.

Put a real winner in your home or office. Bradford White water heaters equipped with The Defender Safety System™…a new combustion technology…resist the ignition of flammable vapors that can occur outside the water heater.

The heart of the Defender system is the flame arrestor design of the patented ScreenLok™ Technology. It prevents the burner flame from traveling outside the combustion chamber.

In addition, Bradford White’s thermal cut-off switch is easily reset with the push of a button. The Bradford White Defender Safety System is engineered to be the safest, most reliable flammable vapor ignition resistant system in the industry.

What to do if your hot water heater leaks and the flood begins:

  • Turn off the water to the heater
  • Turn off the gas (or electricity) to the heater
  • Attach a garden hose to the spigot on the  heater and start it draining
  • Call the Water Guys at Rayne of the North Valley for a replacement
  • Get a mop and spend hours cleaning up

Hot Water - Instant Hot

What is Hot Water Recirculation?
Hot water recirculation means a continuous flow of hot water in the hot water supply line of your home. Without a “recirc” system, unused hot water in the line cools and must be evacuated before hot water from your hot water heater can reach the desired faucet. As a result, gallons of water are wasted – and so is your time.

What are you waiting for?
Convenience and conservation are here now. You know what it’s like to run the tap and wait for the shower to heat up before stepping in. Waiting for hot water is inconvenient and it wastes time and money. With a hot water recirculation system, the comfort of hot water in an instant and the elimination of water waste are a turn of the knob away.

Our system uses the cold water supply line as the “return-line” to the water heater. A circulator pump is used to create a pressure differential that allows the cold and cool water in the hot water supply line to “by-pass (at low volume) into the cold supply line through a patented thermostatically controlled valve that is mounted under the sink furthest from the water heater.

Benefits & Features

  • No return line required
  • Installs in less than one hour
  • No electricity needed under the sink
  • Built-in timer & line cord
  • Use less energy than a 25-watt light bulb
  • Can save up to 16,000 gallons of water per year, per household

Did You Know?
In Arizona, the average household consumes 126,632 gallons of water per year at an annual cost of $236.49*. With new housing starts estimated to reach 54,903 per year by 2008, annual water consumption by new houses alone will total nearly 7 billion gallons at a cost of approximately $13 million per year. Were all new houses built in Arizona to include a Grundfos hot water recirculation system, water saved would total 16,534** gallons per year per household. The corresponding annual water bill would be reduced by approximately $32 and the energy bill by approximately $44. In total, hot water recirculation could save the state of Arizona nearly 950 million gallons of water per year and save new home owners nearly $1.8 million in annual water charges.

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